The Flash Season 3 – Where will the Wally West – H.R. partnership go from here?

In the midst of all of the assorted craziness that we saw during the crossover on “The Flash” Tuesday night, it would certainly be very hard to blame you for forgetting about the Wally West – H.R. story to a certain degree. This was a partnership born largely out of not finding much of what they wanted anywhere else. For H.R., he wanted to have a purpose and a void among the team, and nobody was altogether inclined to take him seriously … except for Wally. Our latest speedster recognizes that what H.R. lacks in terms of scientific ability, he makes up for as a creative force and almost the show’s version of a hype man. He gets people excited about they can do, and then he in turn lets them run wild with it. That’s exciting, though at the same time we imagine that it can also be scary from time to time for those sitting on the outside.

So in looking further as to why H.R. in particular made this decision towards Wally, we present you with the following quote from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, who had the following to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“What I love about this version of Wells, and he’s said it himself before, but we actually show it rather than just tell it, he is a genius in his own way … He has the capacity to see other people’s talent and how to mine it and how to grow it. He sees that in Wally. Like he says in an upcoming episode, there’s nothing in it for him to help Wally, but he sees that Wally is special and that’s where he can shine, in helping other people discover their own value and helping other people develop their own gifts.”

The new Wells is certainly fun when you look at everything he’s bringing to the table; yet, he’s also a little bit of a goofy bull in a china shop with his talk about opening STAR Labs and all of these grand ideas that he has. Once you give this guy legitimate power, there is a good chance the he abuses it and ends up causing problems for everyone. He’s not an intentionally nefarious guy, but he thinks in terms of the creative mind first. That’s in stark contrast to everyone around him who tends to think a little more scientifically.