Arrow Season 5 – Will end (in some way) with opening of season 1

The fifth season of “Arrow” is getting set to come full-circle, folks! While you may have expected for some time that the season would end with Oliver Queen getting back off the island and arriving to the point that he was at in the pilot, there’s now further confirmation that this is precisely what is going to be happening.

Speaking (per TVLine), executive producer Marc Guggenheim made it clear that the show is drifting from their original plan to end the series with the same way in which the show began, mostly because of the fact that there were never any huge inclinations in the early days that they would run longer than the five years Oliver Queen spent in hell:

“It was really just a hope at that point [in 2012] that the show would run five years, and we always thought that we would intercut the final moment of the series with the first moment of the series, that it would form one big Moebius strip.

“There’s still a part of me that wishes we could do that, but I wouldn’t want to artificially extend the flashbacks [beyond five seasons], and I also wouldn’t want to artificially cut the show short. It would’ve been a beautifully elegant thing, and Five Years Ago Me would’ve loved it. But things change, and I do think it’ll make the Season 5 finale pretty awesome.”

What this also means more is that there will be time on the show moving forward without these flashbacks, which we’re sure is the sort of thing that many people out there are going to be able to get behind without all too much of a problem. One of the more polarizing elements of the series to date has been these flashbacks; while we do believe that they add a certain element of drama and intrigue to the proceedings — backstory is often a good thing — there have been times, especially during the season 4 flashbacks, where it didn’t feel like we were really going anywhere.