Blindspot Season 2 – Sandstorm without Jane, Borden the new mystery

What is the structure of “Blindspot” going to be as we start to move forward into the second season? Specifically, how does Sandstorm move forward? Regardless of whether or not Borden lives following the finale cliffhanger, the show is still left in a perilous place, one where they have to determine in some way if they can push forward through and still be functional and influential. That’s going to be even more challenging when they remind themselves that Jane is also drifting from them.

There is still that whole expression of “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” so executive producer Martin Gero appears to have one simple message for the doubters as you await the start of the next part of the season: Don’t rule the group out just yet. Speaking per Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Martin Gero shared the following message on this subject:

“It’s a blow to them certainly, they’ve lost both of their moles … They lost the intel that they were getting from Jane and the ability to manipulate Weller, and they’ve lost their direct mole, their emergency mole, with Borden. But somehow they always stay a step up ahead of us and it starts to drive us crazy trying to figure out how they are able to anticipate our moves.”

Before the end of this portion of the series, it is easily imagining Sandstorm still rising to prominence. Maybe they find another mole, or at the very least another source of intelligence. Or, maybe they are able to put their heads together and use existing resources in order to make a move.

Regardless of what happens, it will most likely be exciting; unfortunately, you are going to have to wait until January to see it.