How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 – And the struggle ahead for Frank

The third season of “How to Get Away with Murder” brought us two separate surprises as we neared the end of the first half of season 3: They chose to kill off Wes, while at the same time deciding to keep Frank alive. This was a man who was flying awfully close to the sun; as a matter of fact, at one point it started to feel as though he was going to take his own life rather than continue the downward spiral.

In the end, though, we did see Frank emerge on the other side, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that his life is different. He’s still broken, he’s still haunted, and he has to figure out still the right way to move forward — provided of course that there even is a way. Speaking per Entertainment Weekly, Charlie Weber had the following to say:

“It was a huge decision for him to move on … That’s the breaking point of his life. He’s either going to do it or he’s not. The fact that he chooses not to, he’s going to have to find a way to build himself back up and take care of some business eventually.”

The one thing going for Frank is simply that Wes was just killed off on the show, and as a result of that, there are understanding questions aplenty regarding whether or not the writers would really want to kill off another major character so soon. It is easy to believe in television that characters are capable of redemption, even if they are someone who has done terrible things. You do just have to remember that Frank is far from the only killer on this show, and there are moments where you do start to be inclined to root for them.