Supernatural: Episode 12.08 – The origins of President Lucifer

The midseason finale of “Supernatural” is going to be airing on The CW in a number of hours, and at the center of this story is going to be Lucifer taking on a role that he hasn’t quite had before, and one that could prove to be immensely exciting: President of the United States. This story is entitled “LOTUS” for a reason!

Do we understand the criticism that is out there for this story right now? Certainly so, given that much of the ground that the show is treading on is the same ground that it’s traveled along a number of times before. It may be the President this time around, but we’ve certainly seen plenty of occasions already in which Lucifer’s body-swaps were at the center of many stories. Having it happen this time around, and for a winter finale, no less, is going to be the sort of thing that polarizes viewers. We just hope that even if this episode proves to be rather great, we move on and tackle some other things in the second part of this season.

Now that we’ve said all of that, here is what co-showrunner Andrew Dabb had to say on the subject of their own story-goals to Entertainment Weekly:

“We’ve always really focused on humanizing Lucifer as a character, and really explaining where he’s coming from and how he has a point of view that is not 100 percent wrong. It’s not that he’s a good guy necessarily, but I think he’s a very understandable character. There’s part of Lucifer that is extremely prideful — that’s the classic Biblical ‘pride of the devil’ thing — but there’s also a part of him that’s incredibly insecure because here’s this guy that was rejected by his father. Going into the president is a way for him to have power, create destruction, but also get away from being himself.” 

At the moment, we would say that the future of the series is roughly a clean slate; The CW hasn’t released any information regarding the second part of the season just yet, so it’s very hard to formulate a clear guess as to what is coming up next.