Bones Season 12 – Don’t expect a change in Booth, Brennan’s perspectives

While “Bones” may be keeping many things under wraps still as we inch all the closer to the upcoming series finale, there is clearly one thing that they don’t mind getting out there for all to know in advance: The show doesn’t have any plans to distance Booth or Brennan from their careers over the course of the next twelve episodes. This is a show that will be committed instead to the work they’re doing now, which is perfectly fine with us given how heroic it is and also just how much work they could still accomplish there.

In explaining the decision further to keep the two characters firmly located where they are, co-showrunner Michael Peterson said the following to TVLine:

“We did [the whole idea of them leaving the Jeffersonian and starting new] in the Season 10 finale … And since we don’t like repeating ourselves, it [forced] us to brainstorm a different [conclusion].”

Ultimately, we do think that “Bones” is one of those shows where we’re fine if nothing too dramatic happens in the series finale, and we’re okay going on and thinking that they’ll continue to do their jobs. This is just the part of their lives we got to witness, but it’s easy to picture them continuing to do this for many more years while educating their children and preparing them for a brighter future. Also, this also would open the door for there to be something more down the road with the show — we don’t know if that’s even a consideration for the show, but we like to think that it could be. This, like a “Sherlock,” is easily the sort of show you could go away from for a few years and come back to with a whole new mystery and some updates for the characters.
Granted, there’s probably a much better time to have this discussion, given the fact that the series finale just finished filming a little bit earlier this month. The final season will premiere in early January, and the show will then have a chance to air out all of its episodes within the first few months.