Scorpion: Episode 3.11 Preview – Holiday hijinks in winter finale

The final episode of “Scorpion” for the calendar year is going to air on CBS next week, and the title suggests that we’re going to be in for a crazy time: “Wreck the Halls.” Unfortunately, it sounds like this is going to be a disaster for the team as their hopes of some rest and relaxation during the holiday season.

Given that this show is not the sort to only give you one thing, you better believe that there are a wide array of other events set for this episode beyond just a holiday gone awry…

Synopsis – “It’s Christmas Eve and Team Scorpion’s electronics-free mountain getaway turns deadly when they come across gun-runners, and Ralph is kidnapped when they try to escape. Also, Tim makes an important decision about his position with Team Scorpion.”

The Ralph storyline at the moment has to be the main headline, mostly because of the sole fact that this is the sort of thing that should unite the entire team, despite whatever petty disagreement they may have, and allow them to focus in their goals on one thing and one thing only: Getting him back. Hopefully, that will happen during the episode, given that anything otherwise would probably prove to be a rather depressing end to 2016 … a year that desperately needs a happier ending.

As for the future of Tim on the show, it’s fair to wonder given that Scott Porter is not a series regular. We do like the character given that he is such a contrast to the remainder of the group; yet, at the same time, we’re rooting for Walter and Paige to eventually be together. We’ll ultimately see what the future holds, but it’s important to remember here that even if he does leave, there’s always a chance that he could come back.

After this episode airs, odds are the show will likely return at some point in the second or third week in January.

Promo – There’s no mentioning of the kidnapping in here; instead, we just get a reminder that this is the winter finale, and that there are some funny moments coming up — including Happy wearing an outfit that she clearly doesn’t want anyone to know about.