Supergirl: Episode 2.09 Video – Roulette’s return, a red sun, and more

While “Supergirl” may not be returning to The CW for many more weeks, the network was still kind enough on Wednesday to unveil for us the first promo for what is coming up on the show — and it looks eventful.

For one, we’re getting to see the return of a villain in Roulette who is awful confident despite not really having many actual powers. She’s more in line with some of those other villains out there who are able to use their influence and their intelligence to get what they want in that way. As for what she is going to be doing now that her own version of Superhero Fight Club seems to be over, that is one of the big mysteries that will be coming up during the episode.

beyond the return of this villain, there are some other things that are also worth watching out for as we move further and further along into the season. For one, we’re going to have a chance in order to see what happens next with Mon-El after that big cliffhanger. It’s clear that there is something about his past that he was not letting on to either Supergirl or some other members of her team, given that there are some people hunting them down.

Also, is that Kara under the gaze of a red sun? What that means potentially is that she may be unable to use her powers, and if this is a certain villain who is neutralizing her, that means some danger could be coming her way sooner rather than later.