Agents of SHIELD: Episode 4.09 – More details on winter premiere, Coulson’s conundrum

Is it January 10 already? Based on the cliffhanger that “Agents of SHIELD” gave you earlier this month, we absolutely understand if you find yourselves chomping at the bit to get a little bit more story — and a resolution to what is a pretty epic cliffhanger. It’s not often that someone of Melinda May’s magnitude finds herself trapped by an LMD like Aida, who has created her own version of her and is allowing that version to run amok. Also, it is hardly everyday that we have a chance to see Coulson get close to who he believes is his longtime colleague over at SHIELD.

Basically, we’re setting up potentially for another heartbreaking situation for Phil where he gets close to someone and then something terrible happens to them. Sure, it’s a little bit different than Rosalind Price given that May’s technically alive out there, but there is no guarantee of that lasting.

If you want to get a few more details on the show’s return episode entitled “Broken Promises,” check it out below:

“Coulson is unaware of a dark secret May is hiding, even as the two grow closer; Aida is determined to find the Darkhold.”

The thing with this storyline is that it’s really all about timing. We cannot imagine that Aida, who is still relatively new to this, is going to be skilled enough at the moment that she will have created a perfect replication of May. Coulson may not think know that he needs to be cognizant of an LMD duplicate, but he’s a smart guy; therefore, we have to assume that at some point over the course of the show, he’s going to be able to figure this out — if not him, than someone else will.

As for the story with Aida, the biggest question that we’ve got at present is whether or not we are going to be learning her desired endgame during the first part of the LMD arc or not. Knowing this would give us a little more clarity as to why she’s doing this other than just Ultron all over again.

  • JointhePredacons

    Somehow I can’t imagine Aida being able to create the May clone on her own without her creators help, voluntary or not.

    • chortles81

      Whereas I had thought that that was part of the big secret/reveal re: the Darkhold, being able to get close-enough-to-pass-by-Phil without Radcliffe (who, after all, was seemingly entirely oblivious to Aida’s behavioral changes after reading the Darkhold).