Lucifer: Episode 2.11 – Some former flames enter the fray

Given that we are dealing here with a show entitled “Lucifer,” we really do think that the term “former flames” really is apt when you are talking about a particular story about a romantic connections. The show is returning on January 16 with an episode entitled “Stewardess Interruptus,” and this one certainly sounds right up the alley of the average fan.

Want some further evidence of that? Well, a great jumping-off point is probably the official synopsis below via Fox:

“After Lucifer and Chloe have an interrupted “moment,” the tension between the two of them makes it difficult to investigate the murder of two victims, who happen to be Lucifer’s ex-flames. Since Lucifer seems to be the only connection, interviews are conducted with his recent paramours and a surprising connection is made that helps lead them to the killer. Meanwhile, Charlotte continues to try and manipulate Chloe and Lucifer’s impending romance and a larger threat is revealed.”

This synopsis does feel like a nice microcosm for almost any TV relationship out there, whether it be Lucifer / Chloe or any other one out there in the medium. Right when you start to see a “moment,” there is something that happens that cause things to careen off in a completely different direction and there is some immediate uncertainty as to what is going to happen from there. The interesting part of the equation with these two characters in particular is Mom, given that she’s the sort of person who is devilish enough to try and figure out a way in order to use some of Lucifer’s own failings and weaknesses against him. This is where his affection towards Chloe could come into play, and this is one of several things to watch for as we get further and further along in this season.