Supergirl Season 2 – Expect a Guardian reveal sooner rather than later

Unfortunately, we are still right in the thick of a lengthy break in which there are no new “Supergirl” episodes coming on the air. We certainly wish that there were more coming at the start of the month, but regrettably, The CW is forcing us to be patient — at least for the time being.

When the show does return later this month, there are many orders of business that needed to be attended to, whether it be the aliens targeting Mon-El or what the future holds for him and Kara. When it comes to Winn and James, meanwhile, they’ve got to figure out what in the world that it is that they want to do in regards to Guardian. They’ve kept it a secret so far, and that is admirable. Yet, at the same time, it feels clear that this isn’t going to be lasting forever. This is something that Jeremy Jordan effectively confirmed when talking further about this particular storyline in a new interview with

“Given Winn’s complete inability to keep a secret, I can’t imagine it’s going to last very long … I think it shouldn’t last very long; I think it provides more of an exciting story to present that problem of when Kara actually finally finds out about what’s going on with Guardian and Winn and how they’re going to deal with all that. People will slowly start to find out very quickly. In the next episode, Alex basically beats it out of Winn, so it’s going ot become increasingly difficult for them to keep that secret.”

This is one of those secrets that is better when it’s out in the open; also, it allows a little bit more of a super-team. That’s a dynamic that really has worked well with all of the other shows in this genre on The CW, and the more we get Winn involved, the happier we are going to be since he’s such a fun character.