Chicago Med Season 2 – The latest on Will / Nina, Jeff / Natalie

It feels like a long time since “Chicago Med” aired a new episode on NBC, and that is true when you actually stop for a moment to look at the schedule. It’s been months! The show is picking back up tonight, and hopefully this episode will give you everything that you are hoping for.

What we can tell you now is that for Jeff and Natalie, this installment in particular could be interesting. At some point in “Uncharted Territory,” we will see Jeff make a surprising confession to Torrey DeVitto’s character, and the results here could be interesting, to say the least. There is no guarantee, however, that it impacts the long-term prospects of this relationship. What may be a little more troublesome down the road is the sole fact that Will is still out there with his own feelings towards her. Based on what executive producer Andrew Schneider had to say to The Hollywood Reporter, this is going to be an issue by the end of the season:

“Will’s never able to give up his feelings for Natalie. Nina’s great for him and he loves her, but there will always be a triangle that he can’t give up those feelings. At some point, Nina becomes aware of that.”

What we do like about the show, and the way that they’ve handled this relationship so far, is that they’ve been able to make everything so adult, and they also don’t appear to be bringing down Nina as a character in order to make the idea of Will with Natalie more appealing. If it happens down the road, it happens; we just hope that if it does, it doesn’t come at the expense of hurting either Nina or Jeff in a big way, given that they both seem as though they’re good people who care about those close to them. Yes, we understand that they are all fictional characters, but you want to have a certain degree of empathy towards them for the show to be successful.