NCIS: Episode 14.12 Preview – Gibbs adopts an old persona

To say that this past episode of “NCIS” was intense feels like one of the biggest understatements that you can possibly make. How in the world are you otherwise going to justify not calling it so? While Qasim may not have been a main cast member, it was pretty clear that he was very important to Ellie Bishop; therefore, the show not having him is going to be a big loss, especially since the villains behind it are still out there.

However, when the show returns later this month for an episode entitled “Off the Grid,” it looks on the surface that we could be seeing a very different sort of case take hold — at least for Gibbs. The synopsis below offers some further details.

Synopsis – “After Gibbs spots the brother of an “NCIS Most Wanted” suspect, he immediately assumes his former alias and goes undercover with their infamous anti-government militia. Also, Bishop and Reeves partner on an off-the-books investigation.”

We can’t say for sure that Bishop and Reeves are going to be working to get justice for Qasim, but you have to figure that this is a possibility. After all, we have to figure that this is something that this character is not exactly going to let go of, and will continue fighting until there are some answers that are starting to rise to the surface. We just hope that there are some other people around her to give her a helping hand, since otherwise this entire case could consume her in a fairly unhealthy way.

As for Gibbs being undercover, this could be fun — though we do sometimes wonder how well he can keep a persona going given how old-school and set-in-his-ways he is as a person. Can he continue to be able to adapt to a wide array of different groups all around him? Only time will tell.