NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 – Eric Christian Olsen teases mole reveal

It’s true that “NCIS: Los Angeles” really is trying to get their money’s worth out of the whole “who is the mole?” plot. It’s been going on for the better part of the series now, and we’ve seen the show spend a great of time in effort in trying to make this as dramatic as possible. There are jobs and lives on the line, and when this person is finally revealed, hopefully there are some jobs that hit the ground.

The point of this article is not actually to tell you who the mole is; instead, it’s more about setting up what should be an epic stretch of episodes where a substantial amount is going to be revealed. Here is what Eric Christian Olsen (Marty Deeks) said on the subject to TVLine:

“I’m arrested by Internal Affairs. They find a body on Callen’s front lawn. They find a body in Sam’s trunk. They go after Kensi. Hetty is getting fired. And it all leads to a three-part culmination [starting later this month] that is the best version of everything. Characters come back out of the woodwork, there’s peril, there’s blood….”

The list of suspects at the moment is vast, but the one thing we hope is that the mole’s not Anna given that she is the obvious choice. Bar Paly is not a series regular, so losing her would not shake up the foundation of the show; yet, at the same time her closeness to Callen would feel like an enormous betrayal, and would cause enough emotional turmoil that it could be considered a worthwhile reveal. It’d be far more interesting if it turns out to be some other recurring player with longer ties to the NCIS organization — it’d be crazy if it was a longstanding regular, but it would be hard to imagine someone we’ve come to know that well secretly working against the organization.

  • RCB

    My bet is that Nell Jones is the mole within Hetty’s shop. Anna Kolchck may or may not be working with the CIA Moles (ie Sullivan and Co), and maybe somehow the mole conspiracy ties back to Dominic Vail…perhaps a familial relation within that holds a grudge. I wouldn’t put it past the writers that Jennifer Kim is somehow involved either…perhaps in orchestrating the murder of her father, Owen Granger (who will have to die/disappear due to the unfortunate and sad passing of his portrayer, Miguel Ferrer. Wondering if the Chameleon doesn’t have a card here to in the end game….and potential resurrection of Hunter? Did she really die in that car bomb?? Just some thoughts perculating in my mind.