Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Major Jackson / April episode coming

We certainly know that there are many huge fans of the Jackson / April pairing out there within the “Grey’s Anatomy” fandom, and with that, we do feel confident in saying that there is a lot that you are going to like about one particular episode that is coming up a little bit later in the season. You will get to take a closer look at where these two characters are, both in terms of their personal relationship and how they interact with one other professionally.

Also, this is an episode that is going to take them reasonably far away from their typical surroundings (which can often times push people into talks they may not have in familiar territory) In speaking on this subject a little bit further in a new interview with TVLine, Sarah Drew had the following message to pass along:

“It’s just the two of us and we go to Montana on a case … And we’re forced to face each other and be in small spaces and navigate a whole bunch of stuff together, and it’s a really cool turning point for them in their relationship … It’s very, very different than [the last big episode featuring the two characters], which was like young and youthful and fast moving and we’re traveling through time. This one has more light and hope in it and it’s much more adult and still and quiet and intimate. It’s really lovely. We’re really proud of it.”

Could this be evidence that the two characters are on their way to getting back together? We’d certainly like to hope that this is the case, but we’re looking at fairly limited information at the moment. It’s hope, but it’s not anything more substantial then that. The two have been through a lot, and that is something that is working against them getting together in the near future. However, at the same time what is going for them is simply that there was so much love there; they also have a child that unifies them, but we’re not necessarily interested in seeing these two characters link up just because of the fact that they have a kid. There needs to be further passion and appreciation there between the two for this to work.