Supergirl Season 2 – Won’t have Superman spin-off with Tyler Hoechlin – for now

One of the things that was fun about the first part of “Supergirl” this season was getting a chance to see Tyler Hoechlin make his grand debut as Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman a.k.a The Man of Steel. It was a character mentioned on the show but never seen, and it also was a great marketing tool in order to convince people to watch the CW version of the show after a year over at CBS.

For the most part, we’d say that reviews of his version of the character were positive. The physical similarities between Hoechlin and Chris Wood (Mon-El) make everything a little bit confusing in terms of separating the two; other than that, we’d say that the character was fun and brought out something different in Kara.

Being well-received, however, doesn’t mean that more Superman is in the cards for the show at the moment. While at TCA (per Entertainment Weekly), network programming head Mark Pedowitz made it clear that there are no immediately plans to dive deeper into the Superman character in terms of a spin-off, and at present there are no plans for him in future “Supergirl” episodes. Meanwhile, show executive producer Greg Berlanti added the following:

“Look, we were just really lucky. We asked to have him come on for the first couple episodes and they were great about it. We’d love to have Tyler back, he’s amazing, he was great in the role. In success, I think all those things are possible. I’m always the guy who says ‘yes’ if there seems to be an appetite for it and the people involved are really nice.”

Personally, we’re fine with Superman turning up for only a few episodes a year. His story’s so played-out in other mediums that it’s difficult for this show to find a unique angle, and at the same time, there are already four superhero shows on The CW as it is. Also, it’s nice to have a superhero show that is helmed by a woman and while a guest appearance here and there is fun, too much of Superman and it might overshadow our Supergirl and that’s not what we want to see. In the event that someone did decide to give another Superhero show a shot, we’d rather it be someone like Green Lantern or Aquaman (we are Aquafans over here at CarterMatt) who still have many different stories to tell in the TV medium. Or, travel to Earth-2 and give us Power Girl! We can never say enough how much we love Power Girl.