Outlander Season 3 – Filming resumes after holiday break

For all fans of “Outlander,” we come today with some great news! The third season of the show is back in production after its holiday break, which signals to us the crossing of yet another milestone on the way to the third season starting up this spring.

This glorious news of the cast back at work was confirmed by Seattle’s Emerald City Comic-Con, who shared a behind-the-scenes video from the show’s set featuring star Sam Heughan announcing that he and co-star Caitriona Balfe (also pictured) will be coming to their convention this March. You can find more news over at the convention’s Facebook page, but the fact that the VIP packages are already solid out should tell you a thing or two more about how popular this show truly is, in addition to how passionate the fans are. One other factor in the almost-immediate sellout is likely that because of their schedules filming the shows, Balfe and Heughan don’t always have a lot of time for the convention circuit.

In getting back to production, we know that a considerable amount of the third season has been already filmed, and we are getting ever closer to the cast taking off to one of its next great destinations in South Africa. There will be some footage filmed there as a way to replicate Jamaica, and hopefully somewhere either before or after this some video footage will be released, whether it be a teaser or a proper trailer. The premiere of “Black Sails” is coming to Starz later this month — what better way to cross-promote than attach an “Outlander” trailer to it? There aren’t any guarantees of anything, but we’re crossing our fingers that this is what the network decides to do.

If there is one other way to further summarize all of this, it’s that Caitriona in particular is really racking up the frequent flier miles. She was just in Los Angeles for the Golden Globes, she’s now back in Scotland, she’s going to South Africa, and she’ll also be heading back to America within the span of a few months. In between all of this travel, working on the show, and other projects, she’s easily one of the hardest-working people in TV. Heughan may be one of the few who rivals her, given that he’s also continuing to build and develop My Peak Challenge in the midst of everything else he has going on.