Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Will Camilla Luddington’s pregnancy be written in?

Any time that an actress is expecting, this is always a question that follows given that it plays such a big role in production. If the writers choose to include a pregnancy storyline, it changes the life of the character dramatically. If they choose to hide it, it means that the show has to use some clever camera tricks and props for the next several months. It’s also possible that you could see the character miss some time for maternity leave down the road.

For the time being, it appears that the future for Luddington’s Jo is still unclear. Speaking on the subject to Entertainment Weekly, here is what she had to say:

“As of right now, they’re definitely hiding it … But we have many episodes to go, and we haven’t seen a good 10 or so of them, so who knows? There’s plenty of time to write it in if they feel like they want to write it in.”

One of the major challenges for the writers when dealing with this sort of plot is all about trying to figure out the right time in order to make this happen. After all, Jo hasn’t been with Alex in some time, and at the same time, she doesn’t seem to be aware of DeLuca’s feelings for her. We’re not sure of the show’s timeline compared to real life, but they may need to link Jo up with someone soon in order to have this reveal.

Ultimately, we’ll see what happens — but we’re absolutely thrilled for Camilla and her family’s future!

As a reminder, new episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” will resume airing on Thursday, January 26. The first challenge that Jo and some other characters are going to have in that episode is dealing with a patient inside a dangerous prison.