Here’s one ‘NCIS’ cast member appearing in ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ crossover…

On Friday, the news first came out that there was going to be a crossover episode coming up for “NCIS” and “NCIS: New Orleans” — something that’s become a bit of an annual tradition, and a welcome one at that. We know that not everyone watches both shows, but these installments offer up a change of pace, and a chance to see these characters in a different environment and with different people but for the fans out there that do watch all of the different installments these episodes are a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t want to see how Pride would work with Gibbs? When you are doing a good 24 episodes a season, you have to think of ways to mix things up and keep stories fresh and crossovers are a great way to do that..

Last season, the crossover was pretty darn great, and it set up some interesting personal revelations for Abby and her family. As for this time around, are we seeing Nick Torres in some serious trouble? Wilmer Valderrama posted one of the first photos of the crossover below, and he may be the happiest that we’ve ever seen someone wearing handcuffs. Also, he’s got some blood on his shirt, which is a pretty clear indicator for “that can’t be good.”

Given the timing of filming for this episode, odds are that we’re at the very least several weeks away from this airing. It’s hard to imagine it being ready for the first few weeks of the February sweeps, but at the same these are shows that don’t need to push into overdrive to get that sweeps-bump. They’re both ratings juggernauts, and in the case of “NCIS” proper it’s already been renewed for a season 15 anyway.

One final thought on the photo below: We feel like the guy with the massive beard in the background may be the true star of this, mostly because he looks like one of the recent Colonel Sanders representations in the KFC ads… Now we want KFC.