The Originals Season 4 – Will be the last for Michael Narducci as showrunner; series could continue

The fourth season of “The Originals” will not be premiering on The CW until March, and with that, it’s far too early to know whether or not this will be the show’s final season. Network executives confirmed at TCA recently that they will wait and see how the show plays out, so think of that as a sign of hope that they are not necessarily ending this show just because “The Vampire Diaries” is going off the air.

Now that we’ve said all of this, know this: If the show does come back for a fifth season, it will have Julie Plec firmly at the helm. As confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Michael Narducci is leaving the series due to a new two-year deal he signed over at ABC Studios. This is going to allow him the unique opportunity to develop new projects over there, and it’s a great deal that could help to further along his future.

Narducci’s exit won’t impact anything this season, as production is already complete. He’s been a part of the “Vampire Diaries” universe since working on the classic show, and he came over with Plec to help with “The Originals.” As of right now, “The Originals” would be the only Plec series to return in the event that it is renewed; this is a big change from last year, when she had this show, the flagship “Vampire Diaries,” and also the quickly-canceled “Containment.” Such is the way with TV; it’s cyclical, and it’s very well possible that in a few years’ time, she could be back with several other shows on the air.

New episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” will continue until March; “The Originals” is effectively going to take its place on the schedule.