How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 – The reactions to Annalise in jail

The third season of “How to Get Away with Murder” is getting closer and closer to coming back to ABC, and there are many questions that you have to wonder … including precisely what happened to Wes to lead to him being under that now-infamous sheet. Also, you have to figure out just how everyone is going to feel about one Annalise Keating being arrested. She’s the sort of person who people admire for her skill, but she’s far from an easy person to get close to. As a result of that, reactions are going to be mixed to her being locked up, and some people aren’t going to be all that eager to have her get back out from behind bars.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly on the subject of the varied reactions to come, showrunner Pete Nowalk had the following to say:

“Some people are happy about it, because they don’t like her, and they also think she might be guilty … Some people are overwhelmed because that means they have to fill her shoes — Bonnie specifically. But I think they’re all freaking worried, because if Annalise is in jail, are they all going to end up in jail, too? It seems like the beginning of the end.”

So with this in mind, what you could end up seeing in the episodes to come is a certain degree of trying to free Annalise almost out of necessity more so than what. If the remaining members of the Keating 4 want to ensure that they don’t get in trouble, it’s better off to ensure that nobody is in prison who could do them any harm, as well. Even if Annalise is a great source of stress on the outside, they’re better off with her there than with her separate from them. They’ve already seen that she is a woman who will do anything that she needs to in order to persevere.

New episodes of “How to Get Away with Murder” return to ABC starting on Thursday, January 26. We’re sure that there could be some further answers coming your way not too long after that.