Supergirl Season 2 – Will bring back another villain; who is it?

One of our biggest criticisms of “Supergirl” so far in season 2 is the show’s struggles to produce interesting, memorable villains. While we’ve had people like Metallo and Cyborg Superman, these are two people that didn’t get the character development or attention that they needed. We know at the very least that Metallo will be coming back, so look at that as a sign that the show’s trying to patch some things up in that department.

To help this issue out further, we also now know that Parasite, which caused a pretty nasty crisis across the streets of National City earlier this season, is also going to be coming back soon! According to Entertainment Weekly, this character is returning in episode 13, but given what happened the first time around with them, it’s not exactly clear in what form they’ll be showing up. Is there a new host, a different creature, or something else that we cannot even fathom at the moment?

In all honesty, the first story surrounding Parasite wasn’t that captivating from a character-development standpoint, beyond giving people like James Olsen and Mon-El chances to be a little more heroic than we’ve seen them. It was a pretty awesome CGI creation, so there’s something worth being excited about if you like some of the cool visuals that The CW whips up. It’s pretty impressive the sort of stuff that they come up with on what has to be a fairly limited budget.

From the vantage point of what we’re excited about, we made a lot of that clear after the latest trailer featured the return of Livewire. Brit Morgan is excellent at the character, and what we appreciate about her is that she’s got personal ties to National City, Kara Danvers, and Cat Grant. Despite all of the powers, there’s something a little bit more grounded about her than a random alien or a person who was experimented on by Project Cadmus. The more the show gives this to us, the happier we’ll be. That’s why we enjoyed Silver Banshee so much, even if the show did a little dance around the majority of the backstory.