The Flash Season 3 – Cisco versus Gypsy

For the past three seasons on “The Flash,” we’ve gotten a chance to see many characters who are adversaries of one Barry Allen. With that in mind, isn’t it exciting to see someone who could end up being an opponent of someone else? We like to think so, which is why we’re excited to have some more scoop coming up on Gypsy, another iconic DC Comics character who is coming on the show — and could be more of a Cisco adversary than one for anyone else.

Based on some promotional information introduced by The CW for the episode, we’re going to see this character arrive from Earth-19, and her target is actually none other than H.R., who is accused of inter-dimensional travel, something not allowed on this Earth. Obviously, he’s guilty of it, but the issue here is that there is around a 0% chance that we’re going to see the other people on the STAR Labs team allowing him to go willingly. He’s far too valuable to their cause! They realize that without him around, they’re going to have more problems defeating any adversary. He’s another creative mind, and sometimes, you need that to survive unthinkable scenarios.

Eventually, this episode is going to lead to Cisco taking H.R.’s place in what is seemingly some sort of trial by combat, which sounds fun mostly because we don’t get to see many times in which this show ends up being like “Game of Thrones.” Both characters have similar powers, but Gypsy’s are probably far more advanced given how she’s acting more on her own and his are more in the infancy stage.

For all fans of Vibe, this’ll be fun; if nothing else, maybe this is a chance to see Cisco develop a love / hate relationship like he has with Lisa Snart (Peyton List). Given that he may have to kill her, though, we don’t see this being all that long-lasting.