Chicago Fire: Episode 5.10 Spoilers – What’s ahead for Severide, Anna?

During the two-part “Chicago Fire” / “PD” crossover earlier this month, we had our first real opportunity to get to wee the relationship between Kelly Severide and Anna, a cancer patient over at Chicago Med, develop. What was so powerful about the dynamic was that she was eternally grateful for his bone-marrow donation, but she wasn’t your typical patient by any means. She wanted to find a greater purpose for being there, and didn’t always want to feel sad every step of the way.

The bad news that we had in the crossover was that Anna was getting too sick in order to undergo the transplant that Severide had offered to donate for, and the pain he felt about that, getting to help someone so specific aside from his line of work, was the impetus behind his heavy drinking and him being arrested in the first place. He was so raw in the moment, there was someone who was able to capitalize on that for their own gain.

Moving into tomorrow’s episode, there is some good news: Anna is going to be on the upswing! She’ll be doing better to the point that the transplant could be more of a possibility once more.

Unfortunately, another problem will arise: Severide suffering an injury on the job, and one that could cause him to be unable to deliver in the way that he’d expected. First, it was her health that was keeping it from happening; now, it could be his. Part of what makes the relationship between these two characters interesting is that they’re such an unlikely duo, and they’ve found a way to care for each other in this moment even if we’re not sure they would have ever met under different circumstances. Therefore, Severide’s frustration over being out of commission could temporarily lead to a situation where she wants to comfort him just as much as the other way around.

We cannot confirm whether or not we see Anna beyond this episode Tuesday, but we sure hope that we do. She brings such a vivacity to this role despite her circumstance, and if anyone could become a great romantic partner for Kelly, it’s her. She helps to bring out such a different side! The issue that could come with that is that if he breaks her heart, it’d be awfully hard to forgive him as a result of it.