Chicago Fire: Episode 5.11 Spoilers – Casey, Dawson crises; who will Severide choose?

After a brief hiatus set up in part by NBC’s decision to schedule around the President Obama address, “Chicago Fire” is returning to the air tonight with an episode that could provide us with a few interesting character updates. Not only that, but it could give everyone out there pulling for Anna to be okay some hope.

Next week, that journey of hope could continue, even if it is for an episode entitled “Who Lives and Who Dies.” If anything makes us nervous, that’s it. It seems like she’s doing better, and with that, it makes you wonder whether or not she and Kelly Severide could get into something closer to a romantic relationship.

Of course, the show’s not going to give you just one storyline over the course of the hour. There’s also quite a bit going on with Dawson and Casey as the two each have to deal with deadly and unfortunate situations. If you look back and add to this everything that they’ve got going on with Louie — who they just gave up to Andre tonight in one of the most heartwrenching situations on the show to date — you’ll understand why they may be emotionally distraught.

Synopsis – “Dawson (Monica Raymund) finds it hard to keep her emotions in check during an ambo run involving a pregnant teen. Elsewhere, the firehouse is called to the site of a building fire and Casey (Jesse Spencer) is forced to make a split-second decision when two victims are each need of life-saving assistance. In the aftermath, Casey is left to deal with the repercussions. Meanwhile, Severide (Taylor Kinney) shares a bond with Anna (guest star Charlotte Sullivan), as she makes her recovery.”

When you do think about these characters’ jobs and what they’ve been through already, you would think in theory they would be a little more desensitized to death. Yet, at the same time they’re only human. It is going to impact them, and that is something that you may seem them dealing with by the end of this hour.

Promo – Well, this certainly complicates things for Severide, right? He may have to choose between Anna and Stella by the end of the hour.