NCIS Season 14 – Robert Wagner returns again!

When Michael Weatherly left “NCIS” at the end of this past season, our major concern was that Robert Wagner was going to be leaving to go along with him. Luckily, the writers are continuing to find some fun ways to include him in the story!

Today, we’re here to report that Wagner’s Anthony DiNozzo Sr. will be returning for the upcoming February 7 installment entitled “Nonstop,” one that will also feature the return of the famed crime-solving team The Sherlocks. This means that you’ll be getting more of Richard Riehle as Walt Osorio, Jessica Walter as Judith McNight and Todd Louiso as Lyle Waznicki. As a longtime fan of “Arrested Development,” we’re always thrilled to see Walter on any show until the series returns to Netflix.

So how are these two stories going to tie together? Well, let’s just say that we’re going to have a chance to see Anthony join the group! The team is going to work with NCIS in order to try and solve the murder of a petty officer in a small down. While we imagine that there is going to be a good amount of drama in this episode (we are dealing with something very serious in a murder case), at the same time we also anticipate getting to see a wide array of humor and some smart sleuthing. With this sort of guest cast, don’t you want to take advantage of them to the best of your ability?

By the time this episode airs, we have a feeling that many of you out there are going to be craving more of the show. After all, remember for a moment that there is no new episode airing on January 31. The good news, on the flip side, is that you should expect several new episodes airing in the month of February. It’s sweeps, and CBS will want to take advantage of that.