The Walking Dead Season 7 – Norman Reedus on Daryl not holding back

The seventh season of “The Walking Dead” is going to be returning to AMC next month, and if there is one thing we could see serve as a central theme of the story, it is a thirst for vengeance. After spending much of the first half of the season wallowing or giving in, Rick Grimes isn’t going to take it anymore. We knew already that many of his fellow residents of Alexandria and beyond felt the same way. Now, everyone’s getting ready to battle Negan in the Saviors in a more upfront, confrontational way than they have before.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Norman Reedus did a rather-fine job of stating just where his character’s head-space is currently at as we start to press onward now in the story:

“He wants revenge. He’s ready to fight. When he goes back in that last episode and hands Rick back his stuff, it was like, ‘Let’s go! Let’s go beat this guy up. Let’s go take what’s ours and fight this monster.’ So, you know, he’s in kill mode … I feel like he spent his time in the hole thinking about Glenn and thinking about Abraham. He took it very personal, and felt like it was his fault and he was deserving what he was getting. Now he’s ready to get revenge. He’s ready to go kill everybody.”

It’s pretty hard to read this and have any other reaction other than “awesome,” given that this is the sort of tease that can easily get your blood pumping with excitement. After all, Daryl is one of our favorite characters on the show, but for the first half of the season, he was forced to spend much of his time stuck in a room listening to “Easy Street” and doing orders as specified by Negan and Dwight — to be fair, we do think that the latter of these guys has conflicted motives, and there are occasions in which we see him starting to fight for the other side by the end of the season.