Chicago Fire Season 5 – Is someone about to target Casey?

It’s too bad for the various characters of “Chicago Fire” that there’s almost something terrible going on — there are some moments of humor here and there, but at the same time it can devastate some characters to their cores. For Casey, we’ve certainly seen quite a bit of that in particular. He and Dawson just decided to allow Louie to go off to be with their birth father, a decision that was incredibly difficult but one that they also felt like they had to make since they were otherwise facing an emotional whirlwind. Now, there is going to be someone out there on an upcoming episode with intentions of hurting Jesse Spencer’s character.

While there is not too much that is known here in the way of specifics, we can tell you that the upcoming February 7 episode entitled “An Agent of the Machine” is going to feature the Casey character being subject to some attacks from a dangerous man with a vendetta against him. In turn, this will cause the Chicago PD to step in to help. For those wondering, Jon Seda and Jesse Lee Sopher are each going to be stopping by.

It’ll be nice to see Seda in particular, given that he’s in the midst of a quiet time on the show given that “Chicago Justice” is not on the air just yet. However, the reasoning for him being on the show may make some fans of the Brett / Antonio pairing a little nervous — we can tell you that Antonio’s ex-wife is going tob e turning up in the episode, and in one way or another, she could cause some issues for the two of them.

For those who are extremely worried about both Casey and Dawson, the one bit of reassurance that we can offer you is this: He will try his best in this episode to do something nice for her. she’s obviously going to be struggling just as much as he is in this episode over missing out on the chance to raise Louie.