Law and Order SVU: Season 18 – Is a new love interest coming for Olivia Benson?

It was not too long ago that we saw the end of the road for Benson and Tucker on “Law & Order: SVU” in an episode where she determined that effectively, the two parties were in very different places in their lives. Unfortunately, as a result of that she just couldn’t see the future with him that she once saw. The two parties handled this like adults, and now, they each get the chance to move forward. It was difficult to see Tucker go, but at the same time Benson likely felt the same way! She wasn’t doing this because she wanted to hurt him in the slightest.

Moving forward, it still seems like there may be another love interest for Mariska Hargitay’s character on the horizon, and that they could in some way be tied to the upcoming FBI-based spin-off that has been discussed on and off for a while. (It doesn’t seem like there is any hurry for it, though, given that “Law & Order: True Crime” seems to be getting a little bit more of the attention at the moment.)

Speaking (per Deadline) while at the TCA Winter Press Tour, NBC Entertainment head Jennifer Salke had the following to say about some of their plans to introduce a new character into the world:

“We probably are going to plant a character who is going to be a love interest for Mariska who could or could not be part of a spin-off if we end up doing it.”

While in the wake of Tucker’s immediate exit it’s hard to imagine a new love interest, the reality is that in relationships, many people feel the same thing for a time. Whether it is in a week, a month, or a year’s time, you often don’t know when love comes your way. That is why we’re receptive to Olivia finding love again, so long as it’s the right person and the character is presented in a way that treats her well and further helps to highlight the awesome character that she is. TV needs its heroes right now, and Benson’s heroism and strength should always be at the forefront.