Will Outlander Season 3 – Be early People’s Choice favorite?

Earlier this week, we made some of our thoughts clear when it comes to how “Outlander” should have been handled at the People’s Choice Awards after winning four separate awards — it wouldn’t have taken more than a minute of airtime to show a video of the cast accepting all of the awards together, and giving everyone who voted their moment in the sun. It’s understandable why no one could be there, given that the show is currently filming the third season in Scotland. They’ve got a schedule that they’ve got to meet in order to ensure that the show is completed in time for when the third season is going to premiere — whenever that is. There’s still nothing confirmed on that.

With that, we’re putting the focus for this particular article on one very specific subject, and that is looking ahead to the PCAs next year. Can “Outlander” manage to repeat in many of these categories?

We know that it’s not our place to tell people what to vote for, and also how often to vote for it. We also know that it had to be depressing for many fans to spend all of that time voting without any on-air acknowledgement. We could see the vote totals dropping out of frustration. Yet, at the same time the main point of the show is acknowledging the cast and the people who work on the show, and while it would be wonderful to see everyone get their due on a highly-televised awards show, you never have any guarantee of that. If you enjoy the third season and feel it worthy for all of the awards again, we wouldn’t use what happened as a reason to not vote given that you’re still working towards the same end in making sure the cast and crew of the show know that you appreciate everything that they do.

Even with voter frustration in mind, we do still consider “Outlander” an early favorite for next year. This show isn’t a fad, and it’s not primarily viewed by young teenagers who are going to forget about it and move onto to other things. They remain passionate about the show in equal measure now to when it first began, if not more so. The next step is just making sure the third season is as extraordinary as the first two. Just as fans you don’t want to take these opportunities to support your favorites from granted, you also don’t want to take your fans for granted if you are the show. Produce the strongest show possible, and in the process the PCAs may be one of several different awards that you are up for in the months to come.