Pretty Little Liars Season 7 – Shay Mitchell coy on Emily, Alison’s future

Are fans of “Pretty Little Liars” going to finally get what so many of them want when it comes to Alison and Emily? Based on what some early indications are, it does feel as though this could very much be something that is on the table as we move further and further into the final batch of episodes — though at the same time, there are clearly no guarantees of anything.

Speaking in a new piece with TVLine on what is coming up, Shay Mitchell of course played it fairly coy on the specific subject of any big romantic developments for her character. Yet, at the same time, she did make some assurances for people out there who do love the idea of the two characters spending time together:

“We’re going to have scenes together … As far as what the outcome is… that’s the exciting part about all of this. It is the most romantic season, but Emily has also had a revolving door of many women, so it’s kind of a toss-up who she ends up with.”

One of the reasons that we most understand Mitchell and the writers keeping things relatively close to the vest at the moment is strictly because Emily is really one of the characters in which there is the most ambiguity at the moment. After all, you just need to remember for a minute here that it feels fairly obvious that Aria and Ezra are meant to have a future together despite their hurdles; meanwhile, Hanna and Caleb just hooked up, and we do still think that something could be coming for Spencer and Toby. There are multiple possible partners out there for Emily, but at the same time, we do think that Ali is the top candidate in the hearts of many. We’ll just see what happens in a few short months!