The Flash Season 3 – What’s next for Barry Allen, Julian Albert?

What’s the deal with Julian Albert? (Yes, say that in your best Seinfeld voice if you must.) For much of the season, it was fairly easy to suspect that he was going to be the next Big Bad on “The Flash“; instead, he turned out to be something different entirely. He’s not a bad guy! He’s just an extremely grumpy guy who’s apparently missed a lot of sleep because of all of the time that he’s spent morphing into Alchemy and serving Savitar as his minion.

Now, Savitar is in the Speed Force (for the time being), and Julian has a chance to be a normal person for a time. Does that mean he’ll make friends? Well, there’s no guarantee that his personality does a 180, but he’ll be around the STAR Labs crew more and be a little bit more of helpful asset as opposed to a thorn in their side. Here is what executive producer Aaron Helbing had to say on the subject to TVLine:

“…The thing about Team Flash is they’re willing to always give people the benefit of the doubt, give people a second chance. They’re very big on people making amends for their past mistakes. I mean, we know Barry’s made a ton of past mistakes. Cisco’s made some mistakes. Caitlin’s made some mistakes. So I think Barry will take the same attitude towards Julian that he takes with any of this other friends. Julian was overtaken by Savitar — he wasn’t 100-percent here — but he feels culpable, so he wants to make amends.”

In some ways, it’s amazing that this team even chooses to let anyone in given what we had with Reverse-Flash in season 1 and then Zoom with season 2, but the different here with Julian is that they already know the extent of his bad news. Alchemy is already out there, and if the stone is gone, so is the influence. The problem comes if Barry can’t let the threat of Savitar go. If he’s out there, he may be tempted to still find him and destroy him. So long as he’s in the Speed Force, there’s theoretically that chance that something crazy happens, such as another Speedster figuring out a way to unleash him back into the world.

Now, here’s to hoping that Julian isn’t killed off at the end of the season. Given that we love Tom Felton and people die within this universe a lot, we feel like this is a totally rational fear.