Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 – The purpose of the Spear of Destiny, explained

What exactly does the Spear of Destiny do on “Legends of Tomorrow“? It’s a question that we can easily see many people having, mostly because it to date hasn’t been entirely clear what it does and why Eobard Thawne and the Legion Doom want it … at least until now. The picture is starting to become a little bit clearer.

Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Phil Klemmer made it clear (using a screenwriting metaphor) that this is a device that allows whoever wields it to be able to go back and alter history as they know it without there being any major consequences for what they’re doing:

“So far this season we’ve been traveling around in time, correcting aberrations. But the second you correct something, somebody could just go back and screw it up all over again. We’re sort of “doing our edits in pencil.” In Final Draft talk, we’re in Revision Mode. The Spear of Destiny allows you to “shoot the white pages,” or write something in indelible ink. It’s no longer about, “Ooh, it’s going to create an aberration that could have some cataclysmic consequence in the future.” The Spear of Destiny allows you to change reality itself — which also means that somebody can’t go back and change it. It renders our team ineffectual, because as a mystical artifact that is derived from the blood of Christ… it imparts a divine power upon whomever wields it.”

In other words, Malcolm Merlyn could go back in time and figure out a way to keep Oliver Queen from defeating him in “Arrow” season 1, and there is nothing that the team could do in order to change it. Given that Damien Darhk’s had such a long life even from the time period that he was taken from for this show, there is still so much in terms of flexibility that the team of bad guys can do. They’ve got a lot of options, and it is going to be interesting to see what exactly they choose to do in the event that they have it. Unfortunately, the problem for them (and really everyone) is that Rip Hunter is in control of this Spear, and he doesn’t seem to have any clue who he is.

As for what their individual motives are, the upcoming January 31 episode entitled “The Legion of Doom” will introduce a little more insight on that subject. You will have an opportunity to also see more of how they operate, and how there is some dissension in the ranks.