Blindspot Season 2 – First details of Rich Dotcom’s return

Given that Rich Dotcom is one of the most notable recurring characters on “Blindspot,” we imagine that there’s going to be some excitement around seeing him again. Why wouldn’t there be? He’s a fascinating guy, and more than that it seems as though every time we end up seeing him on the show, there are a few other things when it comes to his backstory that are brought to light.

For the upcoming February 15 episode entitled “Borrow or Rob,” we can tell you that some of his past affiliations are going to be brought to light for a case that could cause Jane and the FBI to collaborate with him.

Per NBC, this episode will feature one of Jane’s tattoos leading the team towards a “collegiate secret society” with a great deal of power of influence, but it’s also secret for a reason. If they want to get in and unlock its secrets, they’re going to need to collaborate with Rich — who just so happens to be one of their alumni. This is a great use for the character on paper, so we’ve now got to see just what this ends up being like in terms of execution. We’re still of the belief that the more we get of him, the happier we’re going to be — there is a part of us that wishes almost that he could be in every episode, but if he did, would that take away the special feeling of when we do get to see him? We understand that debate going both ways, since you want all of your characters to be valued and make the most of their time.

Unfortunately, there is no new episode of “Blindspot” airing on NBC tonight, as we’re on a short hiatus leading up to the start of sweeps — hopefully, this will be a nice little teaser to tide you over.