Scorpion: Episode 3.23 Spoilers – Toby and Happy’s wedding

We’re sure that you are eager for the Scorpion season 3 episode 23 return date, and also news on Toby and Happy’s wedding. In this article, we’ve got for you both!

Following Monday night’s new episode entitled “Strife on Mars” (which had a pretty devastating ending we’ll get to later), the CBS series will be taking a brief one-week hiatus before returning to the air on Monday, May 1, and the title for this is “Something Borrowed, Something Blew.” (Interestingly, NCIS is going to be airing an episode in May, as well, entitled “Something Blue” — clearly, this is wedding season for the network!) We’re somewhat surprised to see that the wedding between these two characters could be coming before the finale, but we’re not altogether upset about it either. We’ve waited so long already!

As for how this is going to come about, in true Scorpion fashion it’s not going to be altogether easy or predictable. Instead, the wedding will be the end result of a whole lot of chaos.

Scorpion season 3 episode 23 synopsis – “Team Scorpion help Toby and Happy race to the altar to say “I Do” after a simple job extinguishing a tunnel fire becomes catastrophic.”

This isn’t a guarantee that the wedding happens in this episode, but signs do point to it. Also, signs point to there being another crises that almost kills the team before they even get there. This is very much indicative of almost every other procedural out there that does these wedding episodes. They often have a ceremony near the end of the episode, but have a case / some other drama at the start that threatens to ruin it. We feel like by and large, there’s always a demand for the weddings to end up being longer than they ultimately are. At least this ceremony, whenever it happens, will likely live on in montages for however long the series lasts. Maybe that will make up for the inevitable “it’s too short of a ceremony” critiques that come.

Okay, now let’s move on to another storyline…

Warning: Spoilers ahead from tonight’s episode.

The big mystery for now is what happens with Walter and Paige after he fired her from her job tonight, seemingly because of what happened in space and the sense of discomfort that he felt from knowing the truth.