Once Upon a Time: Episode 6.20 Promo – Musical; Emma’s wedding

It goes without saying that anticipation is high for Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 20 — it’s the musical episode, after all! This has been discussed and hyped for many months now as a huge installment for the show, and a game-changer for Hook and Emma given that they’ll be getting married over the course of the hour.

As for why everyone’s singing, the simple answer to that seems to just be “because it’s fun.” Given the musical roots of many of the characters featured on this show, it did make a certain degree of sense. Not only that, but with the show’s future beyond this season relatively clear, we have to imagine that everyone wants to see some of these characters celebrate this tradition. You have to make it today since it’s not clear if you are going to be able to make it tomorrow, especially with the sentiment in mind that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas may be leaving at the end of season 6.

There are unfortunately not too many details for this episode out there in terms of a synopsis, but you should know that the bulk of the cast will be singing, there are several original songs, and the songs will be appropriate for their characters. There is also a specific reason why many characters are singing, which will be explained over the course of the hour.

Ultimately, it’s probably best that you don’t have any further expectations for this episode beyond the fact that this is a musical. Maybe you’ll get some movement towards the Final Battle, but we don’t expect much. The only thing that we hope is that there’s not a twist near the end of the hour that takes most of the fun out of the premise. That’s what happened with The Flash and Music Meister when it became clear that he wasn’t actually a threat to any of the characters over the course of the episode.

Promo – Archie’s officiating! Other than that and a little bit of music, there’s not too much else in here that is a huge spoiler.