Agents of SHIELD: Episode 4.21 “The Return” Promotional Photos


Anton’s plane has found Daisy and Simmons. What can you tease?

WHEDON: Well, he definitely comes back with a little bit more pep in his step. For a head in a bottle, he’s pretty dangerous. But you know, one of the things that Zach [McGowan] brings to the role is that he’s a little bit of a chameleon. He’s very physical and very good with all the action stunts, so we’re going to lead into that and let him do a little of that at the end, sort of cut his leash. He’s very good with the knives, very good with all that stuff, so he will be wielding them.

So could there be a future for May and Coulson? And possible wedding bells for Fitz and Simmons?

TANCHAROEN: There are always complications. Coming out of the Framework, the emotional toll is even more intense.
WHEDON: Yeah, I think that’s the right question. We can’t really say, but we don’t really know. We don’t even know what’s going to happen in season 5. Just know that if you see a season 5, it’ll be by the seat of our pants.