Grey’s Anatomy: Episode 13.23 Promo – Matthew Morrison hints

Will Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 23 mark the debut of Matthew Morrison? That’s a question worthy of asking at this point. This upcoming episode should be around the time that the former Glee star should turn up for a role that hasn’t necessarily been confirmed — just know that whenever he does, he could be rocking the world of the show in a big way.

Is it true that there are rumors linking him to the part of Jo’s husband? Sure, but it’s a little early to confirm that one way or another. The one thing that we do know is that his role, no matter what it is, will be essential in shaping what the remainder of the season will be. (Granted, it’s not like there is that much time left in the season in the first place.)

Spoilers – “The doctors of Grey Sloan encounter a difficult case involving a dangerous patient. Meanwhile, Owen receives life-changing news that pushes Amelia to step up to support him, and Alex attends a medical conference after making a shocking discovery.”

If Morrison is playing Jo’s husband, this offers up a very good inclination as to how he could be coming into Alex’s orbit, and it may just be by coincidence. What we wonder now is more how Alex figures out the connection if there is one there.

As for what else is coming in this episode, what’s mentioned in here about Owen is one of the reasons why we wonder if his sister Megan could somehow be alive. For one, it’d be great to see Bridget Regan back on the show. Also, it would just be nice to see him have a story that is largely about someone other than the other regulars and more geared towards his own history. Of course, Megan’s presence would impact many other people, most notably Meredith and Riggs given the history that is there between her and Nathan.