Riverdale – Jason Blossom’s killer revealed!

Riverdale episode 12 made a bold move on Thursday night — they chose to reveal who killed Jason Blossom before they even got to the finale! We didn’t see that coming, especially in the sense that we didn’t it coming so soon.

Warning: There are obviously some big spoilers coming up from tonight’s episode.

By the end of the episode, we learned that it was none other than Clifford Blossom who killed his own son Jason. That is terrifying, but that may also have been the intent given that this is such a dark show. The reality here was that Jason found out the truth about what his father was up to in the drug game, and was killed as a result of that. Meanwhile, F.P. only made a confession because of threats levied against Jughead. Consider this another bit of evidence here that in Riverdale, the parents are far more layered (and in many ways terrible) than you could have ever guessed.

In speaking about this story decision, and the process of landing on Clifford, executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said the following to Entertainment Weekly:

“When I went in to pitch the season to Warner Bros. and CW, Greg [Berlanti] was like, ‘Roberto, you can’t go into that room without knowing who killed Jason Blossom or they’re going to lose their minds’ … So when I went in, I had three likely suspects — F.P., Hiram Lodge and Clifford Blossom. Then, as the season progressed, Hal Cooper started becoming a possible suspect, but then in the end, if the idea of the show is that it’s a subversive, darker take on these sunny, wholesome characters, we started thinking, ‘What would be the darkest thing that could happen, the most taboo, most transgressive thing that could happen? That would be that a parent would shoot or kill a child.’ Probably halfway through the season, we narrowed our top three down to one, which was Clifford.”

Clifford killed himself, and with that, the central mystery of the season seems to be over … or is it? That’s the thing now entering the finale. Odds are, there will be some surprising loose ends, and the show will likely do an effective job setting up a potential season 2.