Supergirl Season 2 Spoilers – Show exec teases General Zod appearance

Earlier this spring, we teased that General Zod would be coming to Supergirl season 2; however, we teased that it would likely be a cameo. After all, Zod is such an iconic Superman villain, and our sentiment remains that we’re probably going to see him connected more to that universe than anything with Kara Danvers. It’s probably similar to how the show is treating Lex Luthor as opposed to his sister Lena, though in that case we’re not actually seeing Lex in the flesh.

While the latest comments about General Zod somewhat suggest that our sentiment may be true, it’s also not 100% confirmation, either. Just take a look at what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said to TVLine on the subject:

“It’s a bit of a fun surprise … He doesn’t have a lot of screen time, so I can’t say our interpretation is as nuanced as either [Superman/II‘s] Terence Stamp or [Man of Steel‘s] Michael Shannon, but we did one thing to put our own stamp on it — at least visually.”

Of course, is the character’s appearance a surprise when you lay it out in advance? This is one of the larger issues that we’ve got at the moment when it comes to how the superhero universe on The CW releases information — they often tell you most of the guest stars in advance and leave very little as a surprise. Granted, you’ll still get a big reveal here and there, but rarely does it come in the form of an actor turning up. An interesting way to look at this is with Slade Wilson over on Arrow; it feels pretty clear to us based on social media that Manu Bennett wanted the appearance to be more of a surprise, but it was already all over the internet thanks to official reports and there was little that he could do in order to surprise anyone.

So why report on things if the objective is for them to be a surprise? Well, they’re already out there! You report on things as they are announced, but remember that they don’t have to be announced. Zod luckily will still be a fairly cool reveal, just because we don’t know what he will look like within the context of the show.