Grey’s Anatomy: Episode 13.23 Spoilers – Is Alex hunting for Jo’s husband?

The question of Jo’s husband on Grey’s Anatomy season 13 is an interesting one, mostly because he is one of the last people we want to see. He’s a terrifying person who is responsible for so much abuse, even to the point where she felt inclined to flee elsewhere and even change her name in order to get away from him.

The unfortunate truth here for fans of the show who want to see Jo happy is rather simple — this is a show that likes to leave no stone unturned, so one way or another, it made sense that we would run into the man eventually. This could happen as early as Thursday night’s “True Colors,” and the photo above could be a further clue.

Based on the information that was revealed already by ABC about this episode, we know that Justin Chambers’ character is attending some sort of medical conference during this episode. What’s important about the reading of this episode’s synopsis is that he is opting to attend this after making a “shocking discovery.” Specifically, there may be a reason he is attending this beyond just a desire to study medicine. He made an interesting phone call in the closing minutes of this past episode, so all signs point towards him trying to find where this guy is, and when he realizes that this husband may be in close proximity of his estranged wife, that may be when he decides to act. It’s hard to say for certain, and it definitely feels like Alex is opening potentially a MASSIVE can of worms here given that this is someone who wants to make Jo’s life a living hell; Alex and Jo are not even together at the moment.

All reports suggest that Matthew Morrison could be playing this character, but ABC has not confirmed anything just yet. It’s not really a secret at this point that the Glee star is coming aboard, but there’s no confirmation on him being Jo’s husband. Still, there is some surprise whenever he does turn up just because this would be such a different role than anything Morrison’s done before.