NCIS: Episode 13.23 Promo – How worried for Delilah should we be?

With NCIS season 13 episode 23 coming up on CBS Tuesday night, it does feel like the show wants us to be a little bit afraid about Delilah’s future. There’s no doubt that we’re invested in the relationship between her and McGee, just as there is also no doubt that we want to see them get married, but is that where the show is headed for the two of them?

NCIS is the sort of world where happy endings don’t often happen, and characters have to go through tremendous trials. If there is one thing that we’ve come to learn about this show many times over now, it’s that its main characters do lose many people they love in horrific ways. Look at Bishop’s boyfriend earlier this season, what happened to Gibbs’ ex-wife Diane, or the apparent death of Ziva prior to the departure of Michael Weatherly’s Tony from the show. (There is still that part of us hoping that she somehow made it out of that situation alive.) There is a specter of death around the show in so many ways that we do fear for Delilah.

Losing Delilah at this point would be especially tragic given that it would come out of nowhere. She and McGee are getting ready to have their wedding, and the promo suggests that a medical event, one perhaps tied to the recent stress of the planning process, could be what causes her to be unable to make it down the aisle. Hopefully, that’s not the case, and we can just see these two have a win.

Even though there seems to be some possible issues abound, the message at the end of the promo remains the same: Embrace every moment, and don’t take advantage of the time you have with someone you love. We don’t believe that McGee ever did that with Delilah, but this may still cause him to look back and cherish the memories he has with her even if she survives.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until this episode airs to find out the truth about what happened! We’re crossing our fingers that she makes it, and this is all just one of those classic procedural wedding fake-outs where something happens at the last second to make you think that the event won’t go as planned. It’s just a little more dramatic than most.