Selena Gomez & Netflix – Confirm 13 Reasons Why season 2 renewal

The big news about the Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why season 2 renewal is now official. This was already the worst-kept secret in all of TV, but now it doesn’t have to be a secret at all.

In a new post on Instagram (see below), this news was first confirmed by none other than shows executive producer Selena Gomez. (If you didn’t hear, Gomez originally was going to star in the project, potentially as a feature film, before aging out of the role). 13 Reasons Why is going to be returning at some point in 2018, so you won’t have to wait an extreme amount of time to see what is going to happen next.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the second season will run for 13 episodes. The logline states that the story “picks up in the aftermath of Hannah Baker’s death and the start of the characters’ complicated journeys toward healing and recovery.” It could make for more interesting, compelling stories, and the aftermath of some this tragic is rarely a topic for television since most shows want to focus on the event and that’s it. We don’t expect them to recreate anything like what happened over the course of the first go-around, but we feel that the show will be able to tell a very important story that could bring parents and kids together to continue the conversations that the first season brought out into the open. The subject matter will likely remain intense, but it will also be different and just as relevant as the first season.

While 13 Reasons Why season 1 did receive its fair share of critical acclaim, but there were also some complaints about the graphic subject matter of some of the episodes. This has led to Netflix attaching several different warnings cards to the show (you can read more about that here). One of the problems here is that this show, superficially, is one that looks like it would appeal to teenagers (and seems to be who this is directed towards), yet the content is clearly such that not all teenagers would be able to adequately handle it. That being said there are so many topics dark topics in this show that teenagers are facing and not talking about it or turning away from it isn’t a solution.

Their story isn't over. Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy is coming.

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