Once Upon a Time Season 6 Finale Promo – Snow, Charming’s ‘Final Battle’

Ready for some of the first Once Upon a Time season 6 finale spoilers? There may not be too much we know for certain at present, but what we do know is rather important.

First and foremost, we should point out that the upcoming Once Upon a Time finale episode is going to be airing next week across a two hour block. Therefore, set aside a lot of time in your schedule! The title here is also pretty simple: “The Final Battle.” It’s what has been teased for many weeks, and we’ll see whether good or evil wins in Storybrooke. The Black Fairy is on one side, and of course Emma Swan is on the other.

It’s also possible that “The Final Battle” could be the final episode of the series, but we doubt that. At the moment, we assume that ABC will strongly consider bringing the show back for a seventh season given that the numbers are still okay for the network. The sad twist that may come along with that is simply that there may be several cast members who end up leaving the show moving forward. Specifically, we’re talking about the likes of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas). Indications are that they could be open to appearing here and there if the show comes back, but we don’t know the capacity and what it could be.

There are some other conversation-starters that aren’t being brought up nearly as much. For example, what is the future coming up for Henry? We haven’t heard much about the future of this character on the show, and there are rumors about new addition Andrew J. West playing an older version of him. We know that this series does love aging characters up (see Gideon), so you really cannot write off anything as a possibility.

Ultimately, we’re going to do our best to tune out all the excess rumor mill noise in the finale and focus on the story, since this is what got us so hooked on Once Upon a Time in the first place.