Supergirl: Episode 2.20 Spoilers – Prepare for a Mehcad Brooks showcase

For fans of Mehcad Brooks and the James Olsen character, Supergirl season 2 episode 20 is going to be the hour you’ve been waiting for. “City of Lost Children” is a powerful story, and with that hopefully a powerful performance for an hour that looks as National City and the character in a very different way.

One of the things that co-executive producer Jessica Queller and executive producer Robert Rovner describe in the video below is that of perception. How are you viewed as a superhero? That is an interesting question that this episode is going to take on in so many ways. For example, Supergirl has the luxury of being beloved by many people within the city. Meanwhile, the same goes for Superman. These two heroes have been the primary experience of James throughout his adult life. He’s used to seeing people fight crime and be celebrated for it.

Yet, things are different for him as he starts to realize that his character is more associated with fear than heroism. Why is that? Part of it could be the fear of the unknown. You can’t see his face. Meanwhile, his costume could appear rather ominous in a given setting. He’s not colorful, bright, and with a familiar coat of arms on his chest. Unfortunately, the people within National City and beyond are becoming conditioned to think that unless they are from the House of El, every other character in a costume is out to kill them.

“City of Lost Children” is a chance for James to change things around, and part of that could come via his association with a young boy (Lonnie Chavis of This Is Us) who he tries to protect. The twist here, though, is that he is the son of a powerful alien who has already caused some chaos within National City. Is this boy a danger to others, or just a danger to himself? This is one question that will have to be addressed.

In the end, though, we’re watching this episode in anticipation of a great performance from Brooks, and then also an opportunity to see what James’ life is really like these days. He’s popped in and out of the series throughout much of the second season, and it feels like now is the right time to give him more of a proper spotlight.