Quantico Season 2 Finale Promo – Alex gets shot; will she survive?

Interested in the first Quantico season 2 finale spoilers? We’ve got some of that for you below, starting with a big warning: Danger is ahead!

For the past few weeks, Alex Parrish and her new team have been battling the Collaborators, a threat fare more evil than their name would suggest. (The name actually suggests something akin to people spending a lot of time sitting around drinking tea with each other.) We’ve seen undercover missions, people going rogue, and of course lives on the line so far. By the closing minutes of the finale, it’s certainly possible that even more lives will be at stake. There is also one other threat that needs to be thought over and considered right now, and that is more of a political one thanks to the Constitution.

Synopsis – “It’s Alex and the team’s last stand against the Collaborators at the Constitutional Convention, where a new amendment to the Constitution threatens every American’s freedom.

There has been certainly a deluge of political stories across all television since the arrival of a new administration in office, and this is a storyline that we’re not sure would have come about in a different situation. We’re still glad that it is, given that it touches on some very important themes such as government overreach, abuse of power, and reckless changes to important governing bodies.

As for whether or not there will be a substantial season 3 cliffhanger, we do know that this is the sort of show that has a tendency to provide such things. Yet, you do also have to remember here that the show hasn’t been renewed just yet for a third season. Do we think that it will happen? Probably, based on the current state of the things internationally. This is where the show is making a great deal of its money; it may not be the biggest hit in America, but this is one of those situations where that may not matter as much as it would in other situations. We should know one way or another if the show returns within a few weeks.