Chicago Fire Season 5 Finale Promo – Dawson, Casey, & the Chicago Cubs

Want some of the first Chicago Fire season 5 finale spoilers? We’re here to hand down an assortment of new info via NBC. “My Miracle” is the title for the last episode, and just as you would expect based on where we are in the story, there are key decisions coming for many characters. Finales for this show are always intense, but there often isn’t any one specific reason why. Sometimes, there are lives in jeopardy. Other times, there are people considering their career options. This is not a show that tends to do one thing and one thing only; instead, it bounces around the board, and we’re going to have to wait and see precisely what takes place when it comes to the story.

For now, though, we offer up some of our first details in terms of what is coming up.

Synopsis – “A dangerous warehouse fire puts truck and squad at risk. Tensions are high for Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Casey (Jesse Spencer) when Dawson’s father (guest star Daniel Zacapa) overstays his welcome at their home. Meanwhile, Casey continues to fight for his first responders bill, Mouch (Christian Stolte) makes a serious decision regarding his future and Herrmann (David Eigenberg) goes to tremendous lengths to make a young boy smile.”

What Herrmann is going to be doing in this episode is done with the help of the Chicago Cubs, or at least some select players. You can find out a little bit more in the way of news on this story over at the link here, but it does look as though there are several reasons to be interested in this story if you’re a Cubs fan wanting to see the guys do something different.

Elsewhere, it’s no surprise that Dawson and Casey would be feeling some tension right now based on how much the world around them has changed over the course of the past season. Just think back to when Louie was with them and when Dawson’s parents were still together. Now, look at where the two of them are now.

Promo – Is someone in danger? This certainly suggests that a heartbreaking moment for Casey and Dawson could be coming.