Law and Order SVU: Episode 18.19 “Conversion” Promotional Photos

After tonight’s new episode, Law & Order: SVU season 18 episode 19 will bring you closer to the finale in just two weeks. “Conversion” is the title, and this is an episode that will take a close look at religion, and the relationship that it has to both the law and the Constitution. Over the course of the series, we have absolutely seen a number of terrible rapists stoop to whatever means necessary in order to excuse their actions. Apparently, someone this time in going to try to claim that the First Amendment gives them all sorts of unchecked freedom to do horrible things.

Take a look below for some further details of what lies ahead.

Synopsis – “When a young woman is raped by a member of her church group, Barba (Raul Esparza) must argue that the First Amendment doesn’t entitle a person to break the law.”

All in all, this sounds like it will be another powerful, twisted, and fascinating SVU case the challenges the team like no other. In the end, though, this seems like a case that could be very much about the law side of things as much of the onus could lie on Barba making some of the arguments necessary. We know that he is going to have the aid of the likes of Benson, Rollins, and so many others if he needs it, but will this be enough to convince the jury of the defense’s culpability? Like many other cases here, time will tell.

What we can remind you of here is that while the finale is in two weeks, you’re going to be getting two hours as opposed to the typical one. Meanwhile, the episode “Unstoppable” is looking to go unaired, an unfortunate casualty in the midst of so much controversy surrounding its content. When you look at everything else political that is going on in the world today, suddenly its issues feel a little benign in comparison.