Once Upon a Time – Officially Renewed for a 7th Season

While Jennifer Morrison may be gone, Once Upon a Time season 7 lives on. The news was confirmed on Twitter by executive producer Adam Horowitz.

If early indications hold firm, the seventh season of the fairy-tale drama will be a reset-of-sorts, one that furthers along the story of some core characters like Regina Mills, Rumpelstiltskin, and Captain Hook; yet, Emma Swan is set for only one episode, and rumor has Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) departing as one of the worst-kept secrets in television.

There will be new additions to compensate for the exits, with Andrew J. West of The Walking Dead serving as one of the series’ new stars for what is set to be a narrative “reset.” Will viewers remain with the show as a result? Odds are there’ll be a challenge from the onset as the writers convince longtime viewers that the new narrative is engrossing; meanwhile, there will also be a need to secure newcomers in order for the show to continue. Finding a way to muster that is near-impossible in a world where viewers may just assume “oh, I need to understand every other season in order to watch.” The history of many such “resets” is not great. Remember what happened to Scrubs without Zach Braff as a main cast member?

As a viewer, optimism is the best attitude. Remember, Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, and the rest of the writers created Emma Swan, Snow, Charming, and many other characters within the context of the show. They’ve earned the trust to give the new version of the show a chance. Morrison already said in many interviews that she has every intention of watching and continuing to be a fan, despite her own interest and desire to move on and try out other things in her life.