Riverdale Season 2 Premiere Date – When are KJ Apa, cast coming back?

Following tonight’s finale, the Riverdale season 2 appetite will be insatiable. It’s difficult to imagine anything else through the lens of the story to date. The writers cultivate a story based on both comic-book origins and craziness, and both of these will reveal themselves over the final hour this spring.

Unfortunately, the possibility exists that the winter or spring of 2018 could be when the series returns to The CW. With many series, you can rely on past premiere dates and episode counts for evidence as to when a series can return. With Riverdale, much depends on The CW’s own interest in plotting out their schedule.

Take, for example, a possible fall launch. SpoilerTV reported early Thursday that Riverdale could have a 22-episode season premiering this fall, with the production schedule serving as evidence. This is far from definitive, given that there are other scheduling concerns that could cause an early start date. Take this subject with a grain of salt for now.

As a matter of fact, Riverdale functioned beautifully in the 13-episode format for season 1 and could benefit from sticking with that given that it gives KJ Apa and the rest of the cast freedom to take on other projects. Also, it keeps the story tighter and leaves filler at the door. With the exception of maybe Supernatural, every series on The CW could benefit from a shorter order. Look at The Flash, where a Big Bad vanishes for episodes on end without any explanation, or one like Jane the Virgin which could condense its stories and pack in more laughs.

The ball is in The CW’s court when it comes to both the premiere date and episode count; fingers crossed that the timeslot remains, since Thursday night feels like a good feel for the show. It can maintain its edge by airing at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, and it’s not in the dredges of Friday night or forced to air against the heavy competition on a Monday or a Tuesday.

Riverdale is fantastic, it’s spooky, and it should be considered as a gem in terms of its storytelling and the risks that it takes. While waiting for further season 2 news, it feels right to merely celebrate that there is more of it to come.